The ability to discern through the noise, legacies and complexities of a business and apprehending through intuitive understanding of its growth potential forms our hallmark in identifying companies and their synergistic value within the eco-system. This is followed by a clear plan of restructuring, streamlining and expanding which sets the path towards enhancing its intrinsic value.


We invest in companies which has a sustainable business proposition and robust business model, and of which, contribute towards achieving inclusiveness and euduring impact on communities.


Whilst academic courses set us on the right path, we believe experience and empathy are critical, helping entrepreneurs see the right perspective through their journey and providing practical and proven solutions.

Our philosophy on entrepreneurship is grounded on patience, flair and intensity.

Our modus operandi starts with insight, then inciting the entrepreneurs before embarking on the journey of incubating.


Having invested seed capital, operated and achieved successful exits in the mobile banking space and developed deep relationships with leading financial institutions, the founders have a proven track record and critically, the understanding to connect the dots of the old and new fintech.


  • SMEs on an expansion trajectory
  • We bring a tried and proven methodology to coach entrepreneurs in framing a mindset and developing systems to accelerate its growth
  • We are proponents of the adoption of digital technology to achieve efficiency
  • In challenging and trying times, we strategise with the entrepreneurs to discover opportunities guided by principles of Relearn, Repurpose and Reinvent

We are an investment and consulting firm with a belief that the path to success lies first and foremost with the entrepreneur and therefore, coaching of the individual coupled with company building are imperatives.

By entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs


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